Some have found that, with recent changes in the economy and housing market, the rules have changed. Not long ago, it was easy to move up to a bigger and better home, or leverage abundant home equity for an ambitious remodel. But today, for lots of people, the new reality means staying put andmaking the most of the home you have, on a realistic budget.


So what is cabinet refacing? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some companies use "refacing" to mean refinishing. But that's not it. Other people think that refacing means somehow adding a new face or outer surface to existing cabinet doors. That's not it either.

When you reface with Heartland, the old cabinet doors go away. You get entirely new hardwood doors and drawer headers, with lifetime-warranty quality. You also get fine veneers finished to match, applied directly to the face frames of your cabinets. In other words, our process gives anything external a fresh new face.

But we can also let you improve beyond the face of the cabinetry. You can add new hardwood drawer boxes or roll trays, with top-quality glides as well as the latest interior accessories that make your kitchen more functional.

There are also practical factors to consider. A refacing project often can be completed much quicker than a full remodel, with less disruption to your life. If that's important to you, refacing is a great choice.

If you've recently done other upgrades to the kitchen, like new countertops or flooring, refacing lets you retain them. And if you're hoping to sell your home soon, refacing gives a kitchen or bath an entirely updated look, at a lower total project cost that does not bite off too much precious equity.

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