Solid surface countertops are stylish and easy to clean. Consequently, they are ideal for kitchen or bath. However, when considering a countertop renovation, one may find it hard to decide on the best material. Moreover, countertops are available in a variety of materials such that it can be overwhelming to narrow down to a specific material. However, solid surface countertops are ideal for most budgetary allocations and designs.


So just what is a solid surface countertop?

Well, solid surface countertops are countertops made from a hard synthetic material. The most common materials are natural fillers, polyester and acrylic. The greatest advantage of solid surface countertops is that they are easily modeled to fit any size and shape. Moreover, they are versatile in as far as different designs are concerned. Additionally, they are available in most of the colors you may wish to have in any solid surface.


The wide range of colors enables one to easily work the design on his or her space. These countertops are available standard in matte (with an optional polished) finish.These finishes, coupled with a wide variety of colors and edge treatments available, leave no doubt that you'll find exactly what you want.








What are advantages of solid surface countertops?

They're Hygienic. Solid surface countertops are non porous. Consequently, they are resistant to microbial growth. There is no doubt that a surface top that does not allow the growth and multiplication of molds, bacteria and viruses leads, while other countertops follow. Moreover, it is easy to clean and nearly impossible to stain non porous surfaces. Cleaning a solid surface countertop requires just a little soap and water.


They're Easy to Maintain. Solid surface tops are not only strong, but they can withstand daily wear and tear. Unfortunately, do not chop vegetables and meat on solid surfaces because they are prone to damage by sharp objects. Always remember to use a chopping board when cutting vegetables. Moreover, it is prudent to remember that any sharp object may cause damage to the surface top. However, should the top of your counter get damaged, it is the easiest countertop material to repair because it is made of a synthetic material.


Remember though, that when using a any countertop, one is advised never to expose it to very high heat temperatures because most materials are damaged by high temperatures. In this regard, when placing hot items on countertops, always remember to make use of trivets or hot pads. It is no use calling a contractor to repair your countertop simply because you didnt make good use of a hot pad. Remember, any the cost of repair will be well beyond the cost of purchasing a hot pad.


Finally, routine washing and maybe an occasionl rebuffing is all asolid surface countertop needs in order to last to eternity. Therefore, investing in a solid surface countertop is a lifetime investment. Its ease of reparability and durability makes it a leading countertop surface for any budgetary allocation.